Friday July 28th: 5-course Molecular Vegan Space Dinner + Party w/Pie, Pie My Darling

Captain Stargo’s log. Stardate 28.0717
Welcome Earthlings. You have been invited to join us on a tasteful rocket ride. The future is vegan molecular gastronomy.
The meal and entertainment is a benefit for the SpaceCat Art Collective, who will be bringing a rocket ship and cats in spacesuits to Burning Man this year. Yes, this will be that kind of dinner party.  There may be a magician.  There may be burlesque.  There may be music.

This dinner will border on being performance art, and will take place in a decked out art warehouse near Humboldt Park.
The 5-course futuristic molecular space dinner is $42, and the event page can be found here.

That said, here’s the menu for the evening:

-Countdown: 3 layer soup of chilled bell pepper, corn-saffron, and cucumber gazpacho

-Liftoff: Vegan cheese and crudite plate: Housemade bread, several housemade vegan cheeses, pickled and prepared farmers market vegetables, romesco sauce, black olive caramel, and olive oil powder.

-Zero G: Carrot tentacles, carrot ‘yolk,’ peas, pea foam, harissa.

-Orbit: Vegetable ash pasta with tomatoes, chile, and fennel, served with trumpet mushroom scallops dusted with nori.

-Lost In Space: Featuing cakes by Pie, Pie My Darling.
Served with porous, chocolate space rocks.

There will also be:

Painting by Ian Bennett
Painting by Keith Brownlee
More TBA.


Once again, this 5-course dinner/performance is $42, and the event page is here.

Hope to see you then!


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