Upcoming Feasts at the Humboldt House

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If you’re interested in seeing menus for all of our upcoming events, you can find that here.
If you want to know more about the space, and what we do, read on…

We create epic vegan dinners, brunches, and simple family-style dinners out of our lovely house right off Humboldt Park in Chicago.
Some meals might be inside, taking place in our living room as well as at our 10 foot kitchen farm table.picklejam
Others might be outside in our expansive front yard, which is set off from the street so that it feels a little private, in spite of the tiki torches, candles, and bonfire that might take place.
There might be wine upstairs or in the front yard before the meal, and most certainly, afterwards!
Sometimes with live music, or at least some excellent records being played.

What sets these dinners apart, is that they are often as much social as they are satisfying.
I’ve had the privilege of working in some exceptional restaurants with some exceptional chefs, but nothing has ever been as satisfying as a really good dinner party.  Which is exactly what this is.
Cooking is often a labor of love, but regardless of your walk in life, we all feel rich when we are with great company at a dinner table.
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I use Feastly as a platform, because they are extremely supportive, and a lot of renowned chefs that have been using them throughout California to do more than they could when they had to spend so much effort pleasing investors.
It offers support for chefs to work for themselves, and provides the infrastructure and support, so that they can focus on cooking.  Think of it as an AirBnB for chefs.
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There’s a lot of inspiration going into different meals here; whether it be a fine dining pre-fixe dinner, a simple brunch, a family-style feast, a ‘noodley-night’ (vegan ramen or pho), a PickleJam canning/preserving party, or a potluck, each event will probably be pretty different.


If you’re interested in seeing the different events we’re having soon, chick on the ‘upcoming’ tag at the top right of the page, or click here to see more menus.

See you soon!


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