Vegan Meal Planning/Delivery Ordering

Each Tuesday,  Fancy Plants Catering delivers creative and delicious meal plans to the northside of Chicago.
Delivery happens between Noon and 3:00, or between 6:00 and 9:00 pm based on your preferences.
OR, you can pick up your order at Kitchen 17 during normal business hours on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Each delivery is 3 entrees, 2 sides, a dessert, and a pantry staple with a recipe on how we made it, as well as a recipe on how to use it, all for $75.
Our meals are generous, and we keep with the changing of the seasons, bringing you excellent plant based cuisine, as well as some good pantry staples and recipes to supplement your own cooking.

We’re very excited to focus on bringing Chicago great vegan meals to help you through your week.
Inquiries can be made here, and we hope to feed you soon!


-Kevin Schuder
Chef, Fancy Plants Catering

Vegan Meal Plan/Delivery: Tuesday March 27


Vegan Meal Plan/Delivery: Tuesday March 27 00005

Hey there!

For this delivery, we're offering 3 entrees, 2 sides, dessert, a pantry staple, and couple recipes, all for $75. Every week has a gluten free option too! Just make the request when you order.
If you're interested in Tuesday delivery, let us know by the previous Sunday at 11 pm, and we'll send you a confirmation email in short time!
We'll tell you all the details you need to order at the very end of this email, but first, here's the menu for this week:

1) Thai Green Curry-
Housemade green curry, braised eggplant, seared bell pepper, bamboo, and sweet basil served with rice.

2) Buckwheat Noodle Ramen- This is a ramen version that will use buckwheat noodles, nuka-pickled veggies, charred Tokyo negi, soy-pickled shiitakes, koji-cured carrot, and braised tofu, served with a caramelized onion broth.

3) Smoked Trumpet Mushroom and White Bean Cassoulet- Creamy white beans and smoked king trumpet mushrooms will be baked with a mirepoix of carrots, onion, and celery, and plum tomatoes. We'll top it off with garlic-herb breadcrumbs, and bake it to perfection.

4) Asparagus Veloute: A silky, creamy asparagus soup, perfectly timed for spring.
5) Japanese Sunomono Salad: Marinated enoki mushrooms, accordion-cut cucumbers, wakame, daikon sprouts, and a tosa vinaigrette.

6) 'Crostata di Prugne' Plum Crostata with Almond Crust: A classic dessert from Rome, Italy.

Pantry Staple:
7) Vegan Hollandaise!: A pint of wonderful vegan hollandaise sauce you can heat up and serve with many different dishes. Serve over grilled asparagus, as a topping to your asparagus veloute, or any of your breakfast creations. We'll even provide some recipes!

If you are interested in this delivery,
Click the 'Buy Now' button at the bottom of the page and tell us:
1) If you have any special dietary restrictions, and
2) If you would like to pick up your order at Kitchen 17, located at 3132 N. Broadway Ave. in Chicago during usual business hours (3:00 - 10:00) on either Tuesday or Wednesday,

If you are in the north side of Chicago, and are available for our Tuesday delivery between Noon and 3:00 pm, or 6:00 and 9:00 pm., leave your name, address, time, and phone number for delivery.
We will get back to you shortly!

The deadline for ordering is by 11:00 pm Sunday evening.

The entire set with delivery is an even $75, and we hope to feed you soon!


$75 In stock
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Vegan Meal Plan/Delivery: Tuesday March 27 Vegan Meal Plan/Delivery: Tuesday March 27 Vegan Meal Plan/Delivery: Tuesday March 27




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