Sunday October 20: Mezzaluna Pasta Dinner


Lately I cracked the code of making a really nice vegan dough that is perfect for making stuffed pastas, and we’re going to be making several variations throughout the summer! There will be some other new inventions featured at this meal, like our panisse fries, our puffed gruyere crackers, and a delectable almond cake. This will be a fantastic dinner, and we look forward to feeding you!

This 5-course meal has a 5:30 seating, is an all inclusive (no tax, no tip!) $45, and reservations can be made here

That said, here is the menu for this evening:

1) Spiced Panisse Fries, Black Garlic Aioli, and Sweet Pepper Jam: We’ll make a deliciously spiced panisse with garlic and chickpea flour, then cut it and fry it like you would French fries. We’ll serve it with black garlic aioli and a sweet pepper jam.

2) Beet Pate with Carrot Yolk: We’ll season our beet pate with urfa chile, olive oil, and sumac, top it with our spherified carrot ‘yolk,’ and serve it with freshly baked crostini.

3) Pickled Green Bean and Fennel Confit Salad with Puffed Gruyere Crackers: We’ll make some nice mildly-spicy green bean pickles, and serve them in a salad with fennel confit, fresh arugula, and crispy puffed gruyere crackers.

4) Eggplant Mezzaluna with Corn Pudding, Pepper Paste, Basil, and Almond Parmesan: We’ll make a tomato pasta dough, and fill it with roasted eggplant, lemon, and cashew mozzarella. We’ll serve it with a sweetcorn ‘pudding,’ grilled corn, a fermented pepper paste, basil from our garden, and top it with fruity olive oil and our shaved almond parmesan.

5) Almond Cake with Blueberry Compote: I have an excellent recipe for a gluten free almond cake that I use quite frequently, and it is lovely when paired with a blueberry compote. Served with cashew whip, and toasted shaved almonds.

Once again, this 5-course meal has a 5:30 seating, is an all inclusive (no tax, no tip!) $45, and reservations can be made here.

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