Saturday November 9, 7:00pm: The Beats and Rolls Go On…


Kevin is going to be out having fun in my hometown of San Francisco, so it’s time for another Beatbox Sushi Party!
We’ll be serving a creamy squash soup with my famous sweet potato cigars, and a Japanese togarashi aioli. In a hot clay pot we’ll serve seared shishito peppers, with fresh edamame. Then we’ll make you our inspired vegan sushi, and a wonderful pumpkin-matcha tart.

This night of fun appetizers, sushi, dessert, and music can be gluten free by request, and is an all inclusive (no tax, no tip necessary!) $39.  There’s only one seating, and it’s expected to go quick.  If you would like to make reservations, you can do so here.

That said, here is the menu for this fun evening:

Kabocha Soup with Sweet Potato Cigar: 
We’ll make an umami kabocha squash soup, top it with these tasty sweet potato cigars I’ve loved making for years, and a drizzle of Japanese togarashi aioli.


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