Saturday July 14: Avant Garden, Vegan Molecular Gastronomy Dinner

So often, the term ‘vegan’ conjures images of barefoot hippies munching on granola and acai bowls.

This meal aims to deconstruct, scramble, electrify, and reconfigure that notion, as we drag that old stereotype kicking and screaming into the modern age.

We’ll be combining the old world with the new, as we accent organic produce and traditional flavors, with exciting textures and surprises.

If you’re interested in this 5 course vegan molecular gastronomy dinner, it’s an all inclusive (no tax, no tip!) $50, and tickets can be found here.

That said, here’s the menu for this evening:

Black Puffed Nori Crackers, Yuzu Kosho Aioli, Kelp Caviar: Puffed black nori tapioca crackers with a yuzu kosho aioli, scallions, kelp caviar, and sesame snow.

Carrots & Peas: Shelling peas, fava beans, koji-cured carrots, pea mousse, with harissa spice and sauce. Served with a pea sphere.

Figs in a Blanket: Blanched asparagus, roasted figs, and smoked shallot gastrique, served under a smoked apple veil.

Kimchi-Dough Ramen Noodles, Blistered Tomato, Shishito Pepper, Shaved Cucumber, Vegan Egg, Chilled Broth: We made ramen noodles using kansui, 00 flour, and a reduced kimchi brine as the liquid for making the noodles!
With this, we’ll mix it with blistered tomatoes, shishito peppers, wakame, seared corn, sliced fresh kimchi, shaved Persian cucumber, and a chilled kimchi ramen broth, topped with our vegan egg!

Parsnip Blondies with Chocolate Meringue and Parsnip Creme Anglaise: We’ll make classic blondies with roasted and pureed parsnip in place of using traditional sugar, and serve it with vegan chocolate meringues, and a parsnip creme anglaise.

Once again, if you’re interested in coming, you can make reservations here.

See you then!


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