Saturday January 18: The Whole Plant: A Protective Diet Dinner

There have been many requests for us to cook a delicious meal that follows the wisdom of the protective diet, and we are dedicated to making it healthy, inspiring, and invigorating. This meal will be free of animal products, saturated fats, oils, nuts, avocado, concentrated sugars, artificial sweeteners, and food additives. Many people adhere to this diet because of studies showing its effectiveness at boosting the immune system, promoting cellular health, and preventing against disease. I’ve always cooked vegan food to make it delicious, without thinking too much about the health benefits, as I tend to cook with whole, seasonal foods anyways. With this dinner, we’ll see just how good plants can taste, while cutting out the nuts and fats I often use. There is so much texture and flavor with vegetables alone, that I’m eager to make this dinner be pure plant goodness, with fresh seasonal fruits, grains, veggies and herbs to make the meal sing. Also, we’ll be using miracle berries!  They cause you to ‘flavor trip,’ so that our very sour dessert, tastes sweet with no sugar or sweetener at all!

This fun dinner is an all-inclusive $45, and there is a 5:30 seating you can make reservations for here.

As well as an 8:00 seating here.

That said, here is our menu for the evening:

Hope to see you then!

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