Morning, Pastry, and Coffee Catering

We love helping people enjoy their morning, but they can’t always be there for our weekday hours.
Never fear!  We’re more than happy to arrange pastry, breakfast, and coffee delivery in the Chicago area.
Many people work on the weekdays, and want to treat their office to an assortment of pastries, breakfast, and Dark Matter Coffee.  And for that, we’ll deliver.  Here’s an assortment of what we have to offer:Bakery items:

Banana Bread Loaf
Carrot Cake Loaf
Coffee Cake
Veggie Fritata/Quiche
Cinnamon rolls
Mini Pies
Fruit Turnovers
Chocolate or Carrot Cake Cupcakes

We also offer great breakfast items, such as:
Bagels and House-made Cashew Cream Cheese: (add cured carrot lox and veggies!)
Our Signature Breakfast Sandwiches: (Just Egg, Housemade Seitan, Chao Cheese, on English Muffin)
Breakfast Burritos: Our signature Tofu Egg, Potatoes, Housemade Seitan, and Tomatoes, served with a Roasted Tomato, Ancho Chile, and Pumpkin Seed Salsa (our imitation of the famous Papalote Salsa from San Francisco)
Our Daily Wrap: We make an assortment of different wraps; from a Spanakopita inspired wrap featuring our Almond Feta, to a Saag Panner wrap, to a Grilled Oyster Mushroom wrap, we have an ever-changing seasonal assortment, and are happy to accommodate for catering as well.

We also have 96 oz. boxes of Dark Matter Coffee, or even Rishi Chai.Here’s some pricing, as well as some packages you can easily order.  We request 2 days notice as some of these pastry items take time, but feel free to check in if you need some coffee, breakfast sandwiches, or bagels in a hurry!


96 oz. (8 cups) Dark Matter Coffee  $20
96 oz. (8 cups) Rishi Chai $34


Toasted Bagels, Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese, and Veggies (for 1 dozen) $48
(choose from original, sesame, garlic, or everything bagels, with cashew, or veggie herb cream cheese)
Add our house-made carrot lox to the bagel spread for 1 dozen: $18

Breakfast Sandwiches (1 dozen) $40
(made with Just Egg patties, housemade seitan, Chao cheese, and an assortment of veggies)

Breakfast Burritos (1 dozen) $92
Housemade tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, seitan, tomato, herbs, and served with a creamy roasted tomato-pumpkin seed salsa

Our Daily Wrap (1 dozen) $92)
Our daily flavors often change from spanakopita, to saag paneer, to grilled mushroom, and we’ll take requests for large orders.

Veggie Frittata/Quiche (for feeding 1 dozen) $62
Our daily flavors change for this as well, but you can always count on us to make a delicious combination of our housemade vegan cheeses, seasonal veggies, and sometimes our housemade vegan sausage.  Once again, we can take requests for large orders.


Banana Bread Loaf (feeds 6) $20
Carrot Cake Loaf (feeds 6) $20
Coffee Cake (feeds 6) $20
Cookies (a dozen!) $ 24
Giant Muffins (Morning Glory, Chocolate, or other Seasonal Flavors. 1 dozen) $38
Scones (Veggie & Jalapeno, or Cheddar Seitan ‘bacon, 1 dozen) $ 35
Cinnamon Rolls: With Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting (1 dozen) $48
Mini Pies: Made with Seasonal Fruit (Apple, Blueberry, 1 dozen) $48
Chocolate or Carrot Cake Cupcakes (1 dozen) $36We ask that you place your order 2 days ahead of time, and we can arrange delivery for a fee! (we know a guy).
We’re available for pickup from 7 am – 8 pm, and will work with you to accommodate your needs.

If you order over $300, we’ll give free delivery within 5 miles!
Feel free to chat with us about how we can make your morning right.

You can contact us at

See you in the morning!

-Kevin & Team

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