Game of Thrones Inspired Carryout Dinner: Sunday May 19 (now with less violence and trauma!)


We all know you’ll be watching this, and may be too stressed out to cook.  That’s ok.  We’ve done many things, a ‘Kidz Menu’ for adults, a ‘Good Luck Dinner’ on Friday the 13’th, hell, we even had a free dinner party after the last presidential election because we knew people were in a spot.  We do like themes, for the good times and the bad.
Never have we ever done a menu based on a TV show though.  But here we go!

This night is for carryout, so you can pick it up anytime from 8 am – 6pm (we’ll be open a bit later this day, but not for dinner.)

That said, here’s the menu.  3 courses per person is a flat $22, so it’s probably cheaper than Grub Hub ‘yall.
And without the violence!  Because we all need a little balance…

1) A Meal for The Wall:  Chickpeas, ‘Butter’ Braised Turnips, Grapes, Pecans, and Fennel.
On Jon and Sam’s first day at ‘The Wall,’ they were fed a meal of turnips braised in butter, and chickpeas. We’re stretching this out with some of the other ingredients that have been featured in this series; grapes, pecans, and fennel.  Together, they combine to make a hearty salad, warm or cold.

2) The Kings Landing War Feast: ‘Wild Boar’ (aka oyster) Mushrooms, Apples, Leeks, and Carrots served with Crusty Rye Bread, OR our GF Seeded Eastern European Rye-Style Bread:  King Robert was killed by a wild boar, and Cersei proceeds to turn the wild boar into a feast of served with mushrooms and apples.  We go a little further, and make it with leeks and carrots, and serve it with fresh bread.  We didn’t even need to get anyone drunk and dead to make it!

3) Sansa’s Lemon Cake: Sansa is quite fond of lemon cake throughout the series, and we make it in the style of our gluten free almond Cake, topped with candied lemon.  Let them eat cake!

Sansa sez: ‘I just LOVE Kevins lemon cakes!’  Read the book.  It’s in there…

If you’re interested in ordering this meal, let me know how many people you would like to order for ($22/person!), and have yourself a merry GoT-inspired meal.  If you need therapy from us after it is all done, that costs extra.

You can email me at to place your order.
We’ll stop taking orders at midnight on Friday.  Because we need a little time to get it together for you.  You understand.

Discount of 20% for 6 people or more!

Food is Coming…

-Kevin & FPC Crew

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