Friday June 8th: Millennium Restaurant Tribute Dinner


In my opinion, the Bay Area vegan restaurant Millennium is the best there is. Innovating since 1994, I even had the pleasure of cooking there for 2 years, and it’s an honor to have Chef Eric Tucker help guide me through creating a fantastic tribute dinner here in Chicago! To the best of our abilities, we’ll be cooking some of their most time honored signature dishes, dishes that I used to cook in my tenure there. Come have a sample of Millennium, right here in Chicago! We look forward to it.

If you are interested, this 5 course gourmet dinner is an all inclusive (no tax, no tip!) $50, it can be made gluten free by request, and reservations can be made here.

That said, here’s the menu we have in store for you:

Chickpea-Sesame Crusted Oyster Mushrooms: Their signature oyster mushroom calamari, served with a preserved peach and chile sambal, and a carrot, burdock, and sea palm kimpira salad.

Black Bean Torte: A rich and smoky black bean torte, served with their pumpkin seed habanero sauce, cashew cream, and a cauliflower and nopales cactus escabeche.

Moroccan Glazed Baby Artichokes: Baby artichokes seared with a delicious Moroccan glaze, and served with preserved lemon aioli.

Confit Trumpet Mushroom and White Bean Phyllo Purse: Delicious confit trumpet mushrooms, roasted fennel, and plump white beans tied up in a phyllo purse. Served with tender asparagus, smoked cippolini onion, and sweet baby carrots with a rich red-wine maitake mushroom sauce.

Chocolate Almond Midnight: Their signature dessert, which recently just left the menu when they moved to Oakland! People still ask for it every day. Served with a raspberry sauce, and an almond tuile.

Once again, this menu can be made gluten free, and reservations can be made here.

Hope to see you then!


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