Wednesday Dec. 18th: Japanese Sushi & Cooking Class

We’ll cook perfect rice, and make a wonderful sushizu (seasoned vinegar), and make several sushi preparations together! You’ll learn to make maki, nigiri, and onigiri using fresh seasonal vegetables. Not only that, but we’ll make a vegan dashi together, and use that as a base for making a miso soup. We’ll also be making traditional pirikara (spicy cucumber pickles) together, as well as a tosa vinaigrette for making sunomono, and even make a mushroom based vegan oyakodon. You’ll get to take home a recipe book as well.  Then, we’ll eat!

This class, recipe book, and meal is an all inclusive (no tax, no tip!) $60, and you can make your reservations by clicking here.

That said, here is the itinerary (and dinner!) for this evening:

1) Maki, Nigiri, Onigiri: 
We’ll make perfect rice, and a nice sushizu (seasoned vinegar) to flavor it. We’ll make maki (rolls), nigiri (bite size toppings on rice), and onigiri (filled rice balls). I’ll have smoked beets, cured carrots, avocado, cucumber, daikon, and other fillings for us to use. I had the good fortune of learning from a 20 year Japanese sushi veteran, who’s training helped me win a Vegan Iron Chef competition when I made sushi! I’m excited to pass on his words and techniques.

See you in class!

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