Copenhagen Inspired Vegan Dinner: Sunday May 26, 5:30 seating & 8:00 seating

We recently went to Copenhagen for a week, and were able to taste many wonderful creations that we’d love to show you! Some of this is a ‘veganized’ version of traditional foods we took inspiration from as well. We’ll be making a fantastic sprouted rye bread for Smorrebrod, a dish inspired by the Danes penchant for asparagus and tarragon, a hearty salad with rye berries, roasted sunchokes, and pickled red onions, Frikadeller (meatballs) with hasselback potatoes, and endives in bechamel, and a Tivoli Park inspired waffle dessert with rhubarb, toasted almond, and whipped cashew. We look forward to feeding you!

This is a fun 5 course dinner for an all inclusive (no tax, no tip!) $42, and we have 2 seatings.

We have a 5:30 seating you can reserve here.

And an 8:00 seating here.

That said, here is the menu for this evening:

1) Smorrebrod- Pickled Eggplant ‘Herring,’ Cultured Vegan Butter, Red Onion, Capers:  We make a fantastic sprouted rye bread using wild-yeast culture, which takes 6 days to make! Enjoy it with our pickled eggplant ‘herring,’ red onions, capers, and microcress

2) Asparagus, Tarragon Cream, Crispy Shallots, Citrus: Wonderfully blanched asparagus with fresh tarragon cream, crispy fried shallots, and citrus

3)Tuscan Kale, Rye Berry, Crispy Sunchoke Salad: Tuscan Kale, Rye Berry, Crispy Sunchoke Salad

4) Frikadeller: Hasselback Potatoes, Endives in Bechamel: As meat is a big part of Danish culture, we will veganize one of their traditional ‘meatball’ dishes, serve it with delicious buttery hasselback potatoes, and braised endives in a bechamel sauce.

5)Tivoli-Style Waffles with Rhubarb: Served with toasted almonds and whipped cashew cream.

Once again, this 5-course meal is an all inclusive $42, and you can make reservations for the 5:30 seating here,  or reservations for the 8:00 seating here.

We look forward to feeding you on this special night!


-Kevin & FPC Crew

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